Tea Leaves

Welcome To Adi_daz Barrio Inc. 

Your Boutique  Bakery 

Adi_daz Barrio Bakery is your reliable Tezos delegation service that provides honest, reliable  support. We understand how busy you are, so stake your tez with u and  we take it from there. 
 8% fee and quick payouts after 12 cycles and every three days.
Minimum delegations 200 XTZ 



Delegation Service 

1. Set your delegate to Adi_daz Barrio Bakery 

Use your wallet to set your delegate to the Adi_daz Barrio Bakery address.


Do not send funds to this address! 

2. Wait

When you decide to start staking your with Adi_daz Barrio Bakery, you will initially need to wait 35 days to receive your first rewards . After this 35 day period you will start to earn rewards every 3 days.

3. Check your contribution

Enter your Tezos address here: https://baking-bad.org/

Checkout the Bakery:


Adi_daz Barrio Bakery uses TAPS (Tezos Automatic Payment System

Automatically distributes Tezos rewards to delegators when a cycle change happens.



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