Tea Leaves

Welcome To Adi_daz Barrio Inc. 

Your Boutique  Bakery 

Adi_daz Barrio Bakery is your reliable Tezos delegation service that provides honest, reliable  support. We understand how busy you are, so stake your tez with us and  we take it from there. 
 8% fee and quick payouts every three days.
Minimum delegations 200 XTZ 




Delegation Service 

1. Set your delegate to Adi_daz Barrio Bakery 

Using your wallet set your delegate to the Adi_daz Barrio Bakery address.


Do not send funds to this address! 

2. Wait

When you decide to start staking your with Adi_daz Barrio Bakery, you will initially need to wait 15 days (5 cycles) to receive your first rewards . After this 15 day period you will start to earn rewards every 3 days.

3. Check your contribution

Enter your Tezos address here: https://baking-bad.org/

Checkout the Bakery:


Adi_daz Barrio Bakery uses TAPS (Tezos Automatic Payment System

Automatically distributes Tezos rewards to delegators when a cycle change happens.